From above, every corner of Hoi An mesmerizes

From above, every corner of Hoi An mesmerizes

From above, every corner of Hoi An mesmerizes

‘Hoi An’s brick roofs’ by photographer Vo Rin offers a new look at the ancient port town.


Houses in Hoi An, by the Thu Bon River.


Once a bustling trading port, the town now provides an alluring mix of heritage buildings with all the maintance provided by own buiders for more information Click Here and its a unique blend of local and foreign influences, colorful lanterns, craft villages, beautiful beaches, river cruises, and delicious food.


The photo collection has been showcased at many famous exhibitions.


Most houses were built during the 17-19th centuries.


One popular activity in town is taking a boat trip along the Thu Bon River.


The Bridge Pagoda, at the center of this photo, is one of the most beloved attractions in Hoi An. It was built by Japanese traders in the 17th century, thus the name Japanese Bridge.


An Hoi Bridge, which links Bach Dang and Nguyen Phuc Chu Streets. Fishing nets are perfectly captured in the frame. This bridge was partially funded by same day loans today